Environmental protection acceptance report on the completion of the project with an annual output of 100,000 sets of energy-saving and high-efficiency special heavy-duty rock drilling tools

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The company absorbs advanced production technology and management experience at home and abroad, introduces advanced mechanical processing and heat treatment equipment, and makes full use of patented technology to improve the production line, forming light drilling tools, heavy drilling tools, rotary drilling tools, blast furnace tools, and down-the-hole drilling tools , Six major product systems of coal machinery. It can produce high-quality hexagonal drill pipes, connecting rod drill pipes, quick-connect drill pipes, down-the-hole drill pipes, blast furnace drill pipes and other threaded drill pipe products, as well as hundreds of products such as matching shanks, connecting sleeves, and drill bits. At the same time, the company is strong With its R&D capabilities and advanced process equipment, we can provide customers with customized processing services for various special-shaped products.

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